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RITALKA, Inc. ( and its subsidiary SpecSys Inc. ( are excited to announce their expansion into Prentice, WI. With seven physical locations established throughout rural Minnesota, South Dakota and now Wisconsin, this 220,000-square-foot Prentice facility will assist with the rapid growth being experienced today.

SpecSys continues to see tremendous growth opportunity in its contract manufacturing and engineering services. The company provides 40,000 hours per month of manufacturing, and 5,000 hours per month of engineering services to many world class equipment OEM’s. “You are hard pressed to find a major equipment manufacturer in the world that we do not have an existing relationship with,” said Kevin R. Wald, CEO.

SpecSys, Inc., a privately held contract engineering and manufacturing company headquartered in Montevideo, MN is pleased to announce that it has finished the acquisition of the
former Caterpillar plant in Prentice, Wisconsin.

It was announced earlier this year that Caterpillar would be closing the plant due to economic conditions.

“SpecSys, Inc. and its parent company RITALKA, Inc. have valued and sought after rurally‐located manufacturing for two decades now,” said Kevin Wald, CEO and founder of RITALKA, the parent company of SpecSys. “The Prentice, WI campus is a great addition to our capabilities and obviously allows for a nice step up in capacity.”

“We in the Village of Prentice are extremely happy and proud of RITALKA‐Specsys operations purchasing the Prentice Cat operations,” said Prentice Industrial Development Corporation President Dale Heikkinen. “We want to thank the Wald family for considering Prentice and wish them success in the years to come.”

“The 220,000 square‐foot facility is situated among a skilled and reliable workforce,” Wald said, “and that is one of its biggest assets.”

“The values you find in a rural work force have been a cornerstone of our companies from day one. While so many people expound how we cannot build anything in the USA anymore, RITALKA‐SpecSys is so proud to add another rurally‐based manufacturing location to our portfolio and prove them wrong. We thank Caterpillar for working with us to keep these rural jobs going, and we are proud to call Caterpillar our client.”

The Prentice manufacturing plant has existed since 1945. Under Caterpillar’s management, it was used to make equipment for the forestry industry.

“SpecSys plans to continue manufacturing forestry machines there but also hopes to use the plant to further branch out to other industries that SpecSys serves, including mining, railroad, agriculture and energy,” Wald said.

The company has been working over the last several months to make the transition as seamless as possible.
The acquisition included the building and grounds as well as the plant’s manufacturing equipment, including
robotic welders, large machining centers and plasma/laser cutting equipment.

About SpecSys and RITALKA

Kevin Wald founded SpecSys in 1997 as a home‐based engineering consulting business in Montevideo, MN. Today, the company offers a full range of engineering and manufacturing services and has grown to more than 275 employees and 700,000 square feet of facilities in eight locations in Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

RITALKA Inc. is a business holding company based in Montevideo, Minnesota. It is 100 percent owned by Kevin R. Wald. RITALKA subsidiaries provide over 40,000 hours/month of manufacturing services and over 5,000 of engineering services each month to several industries and clients.




Prentice, WI Facility

SpecSys adds facility in Watertown, SD:

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Watertown, SD Expansion

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